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Offering Davis Dyslexia Correction®

Our Mission:

To guide people of all ages to overcome the challenges associated with Dyslexia (reading), Dyspraxia (balance), Dyscalculia (math), and Dysgraphia (hand writing).

Davis Dyslexica Correction Program

The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program is an effective correction program that provides the client with unique tools to overcome their learning challenges.

In Davis® Math Mastery comes the ability to understand the core parts of mathematics and, in turn, clients begin the process of working with numeric symbols on paper.

Clients of the Davis® Attention Mastery program master concepts that address behavioral/life situations, using the provided techniques.

With our Davis® for Adults Programs we SPECIALIZE in working with adults of all ages who are struggling with Dyslexia and/or ADD/ADHD – no diagnosis necessary!

Davis for Adults Programs
Davis Young Learners Program

The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners is designed for “at risk” children ages 5-7 years old. This parent-coached program prepares children with the essential tools to learn how to focus and create solid foundations for learning language.